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Functions explained

Optional Functions

  Show Mosques
  Search new location

Select a Hijri calendar
Convert dates

High Quality Alert Sounds:
Adhan Alerts,
Daily Alerts,
Relative to Fajr Alerts.

You can try optional functions 10 times, except for alerts and calendar selection. You can always try the alert sounds by selecting one of the pray alerts on the "Set Alerts" screen.

Functions explained


Qibla direction can be found in 3 ways:

The Qibla angle is displayed as degrees from North (Clockwise)
The green Qibla line will keep pointing towards Kaaba when the compass is activated
Compare Qibla direction to nearby houses and roads using satellite images (always 100% accurate).

Directions explained

Prayer Times

Qibla Plus uses the praytimes module from Praytimes.org by Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh, jazakallahu khayran. Calculation methods can be adjusted in the Settings menu. Qibla Plus added an extra method for Jakim Malaysia. The slider can activate future dates, up to 3 months for Ipad, 1 month for iphone.

Prayer Times explained

Ipad greatCircle map

Your Ipad will show the entire greatcirlce from your location to the Kaaba. The greatcircle isgenerally perceived as the best direction as it follows the shortest distance. A tap on the greatcircle map will show the Kaaba entry location of the Qibla.

Umm al_Qura calendar

Qibla Plus uses the same calender as used in Saudi Arabia. The religuous authorities might adjust these dates after sighting the lunar crescent. For more information visit Umm al_Qura calendar by R.H. van Gent

Optional calendar function:
Select/Compare other Hijri calendars from Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Kuwait (tabular).


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